January 2001



Francine A. Bradley Extension Poultry Specialist University of California, Davis

The terms "purebred" and "registered" are not used in poultry. Rather, poultry that meet the breed and variety descriptions found in the American Standard of Perfection are said to be "standard bred." The organization which publishes the Standard of Perfection and coordinates the recognition, description, and exhibition of all standard bred poultry in the United States is the American Poultry Association (APA). Founded in Buffalo, New York in 1873, the APA is the oldest livestock organization in the United States. Anyone interested in raising standard bred poultry (chickens, turkeys, ducks, and geese) should invest in a copy of the Standard.

Some chicken and duck breeds have corresponding miniature versions (one-fifth to one-quarter the size of the large bird). There are some breeds that only exist in the small forms. All of these diminutive forms are referred to as "bantams." It should be noted that the term bantam is an adjective and is NOT a breed name. An organization which standardizes and promotes the bantam breeds is the American Bantam Association (ABA). The ABA also publishes the Bantam Standard.

If you wish to start a fancy flock, it is suggested that you contact one of the associations or clubs listed on pages 2 and 3. Find out when the next show will be and plan to attend. At the show you can see the birds "in the feather," and see which breeders' birds are judged best by the show judges. After surveying the birds you may know exactly what you want to raise. Some shows have sale areas and it would be possible for you to purchase birds on the spot. Your other option would be to arrange with a breeder to sell your birds at a later date. In general, it is not advisable to buy fancy stock at a feed store. The feed store may carry healthy and efficient commercial (egg laying or meat producing) stock, but it is rare that a feed store will have good quality standard bred poultry.



International Waterfowl Breeder's Association (IWBA)
Membership: $5/yr., $8/2 yrs.; family $10/yr., $19/2 yrs.
P.O. Box 154061
Waco, TX 76705


American Bantam Association (ABA)
Membership: Individual or family $8/yr., $15/2 yrs.; yearbook and quarterly newsletter included in membership.
P.O. Box 127
Augusta, NJ 07882

American Poultry Association (APA)
Membership: Individual $10/yr., $25/3 yrs.; Junior (18 and under) Membership: $5/yr, Outside U.S. or Canada $25/yr.; ~400 page yearbook and quarterly newsletter included in membership.
A.P.A (Sec. Ric Ashcraft - apasecretary@aol.com)
5757 West Fork Road
Cincinnati, OH 45247
(513) 598-4337

APA Website


Central Coast Feather Fanciers (CCFF)
Membership information and details on annual October show:
Rt. 2, Box 226A
Templeton, CA 93465
(805) 434-1043

Gold Coast Poultry Fanciers (GCPF)
Membership information and details on annual January show:
GCPF, John Monaco
1600 Maple Avenue
San Martin, CA 95046

Golden Gate Bantam Club (GGBC)
Membership information and details on annual autumn show:
GGBC, Joy Stephenson
20998 Laurel Avenue
Tracy, CA 95376
(209) 835-8427

Greater California Society of Poultry Fanciers (G.C.S.P.F.)
Membership information and details on annual February show: GCSPF, Faye and Kitty Sanderlin
16 Rancho Grande Circle
Atwater, CA 95301
(209) 358-5759

Humboldt Poultry Fanciers Association (HPFA)
Membership information and specifics on annual February show:
HPFA, Lorna Mathews-Jensen
2142 Frederick Avenue
Arcata, CA 95521
(707) 822-2226

Northern California Bird Fanciers (NCBF)
Membership information and specifics on annual January show:
NCBF, Doris Galewick
2137 Beryl Drive
Palo Cedro, CA 96073
(916) 547-3756

Pacific Coast Bantam Club (PCBC)
Membership information and specifics on annual winter show:
P.O. Box 3342
Whittier, CA 90605
(310) 947-8078

Pacific Poultry Breeders Association (PPBA)
Membership information:
Dennis and Lisa McDonald
4500 Panorama Blvd.
Placerville, CA 95667

Specifics on annual January show:
PPBA, Toni Cox
Box 74
Vallecito, CA 95251



"Poultry Press"
Newspaper format, published monthly, $12/yr.
P.O. Box 542
Connersville, IN 47331

"Feather Fancier" Published monthly, $18/yr.
R.R. 5-P
Forest, Ontario, Canada NON 1J0


Books available from the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy (ALBC)
Box 477, Pittsboro, NC 27312:

  • 1987 Poultry Census and Sourcebook
    This book explains the importance of poultry and describes 15 breeds and where to order them.
    Available for $4.00.
  • Old Poultry Breeds
    by Fred Hams. A review. $5.00.
  • The Book of Geese
    A complete Guide to raising the Home Flock, by Dave Holderread. $12.
  • The Home Duck Flock: A Complete Guide
    by Dave Holderread, $10.

For postage and handling, add $2.00 for orders up to $15.00 and for each additional $10.00, add $1.00.

The American Standard of Perfection
The 1993 edition has 345 pages, colored plates, and descriptions of all the breeds and varieties of poultry recognized by the APA.
To order, send $37 (postage paid) to the APA.

The Bantam Standard
Contains 288 pages, black and white drawings of the breeds and varieties of miniature poultry recognized by the ABA.
To order, send $26 (postage paid) to the ABA.

Raising Poultry the Modern Way, by Leonard Mercia.
Revised in 1990, excellent text suitable for the backyarder or small commercial operator. Available from Storybooks for Country Living for $9.95 + $3.75 for postage and handling. You may order with a credit card by calling 1-800-441-5700.

Your Chickens - A Kid's Guide to Raising and Showing, by Gail Damerow.
This 1993 publication contains 156 pages of very useful information for poultry beginners of all ages. Good line diagrams on housing and equipment; black and white photographs of popular breeds and varieties. Available for $12.95 + $4.00 shipping and handling from Rural Heritage, 281 Dean Ridge Lane, Gainesboro, TN 38562.


For individuals wishing to locate judges for poultry shows:

California Fair Services Authority, 1111 Howe, Suite 600, Sacramento, CA 95825, will provide a listing of the approved poultry judges utilized by California Fairs and Expositions. For faster service, you may call Donna Fleming at (916) 921-2213 or (916) 263-6182.

A complete listing of all American Poultry Association licensed judges is found in the APA Yearbook.

If you have additional questions about Standard Bred Poultry we suggest you cantact Francine Bradley (916) 752-6316.