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Poultry Genetic Stock Inventory and Conservation Program Proposal

The University of California Genetic Resources Conservation Program announces the publication of the Avian Genetic Resources Task Force report:  "Avian genetic resources at risk: An assessment and proposal for conservation of genetic stocks in the USA and Canada". In this report, the thirty-member binational task force (including academic, government, and industry representatives) established the importance of poultry genetic stocks for research in the agricultural, biomedical, and basic life sciences. The task force recommended a government-supported conservation program for these increasingly at-risk stocks. The report also contains an inventory of poultry genetic stocks currently kept at research institutions in the USA and Canada, including detailed information about each of the stocks and their availability. This is the first comprehensive inventory since the Somes Registry of 1988. Those interested in obtaining a copy of the report should contact:

Dr. J.M. Pisenti
Genetic Resources Conservation Program
University of California
One Shields Ave.
Davis, CA 95616

Telephone 530/754-8501

FAX 530/754-8505

or email: