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Professional  Video Tapes (sample)

These tapes were made professionally from scripts prepared from material presented at the original training sessions. The videos were filmed on ranch locations and show details not afforded during live presentations. They were intended for training ranch employees in quality assurance as well as training quality assurance supervisors. They are considerably shorter and of higher quality than the original training tapes.

Tape #14P 12 minutes
Flock Health Management - Sponsored by USDA, Food Safety Inspection Service

Tape #15P 19.5 minutes
Cleaning, Disinfection and Biosecurity - Sponsored by USDA, Food Safety Inspection Service

Tape #16P 22 minutes - (Currently not available)
Invertebrate Pest Management - Sponsored by Bayer Corporation

Tape #17P 46 minutes
Rodent Control - Sponsored by Bayer Corporation, USDA & CDFA

Tape #18P 20:00 minutes
Cleaning, Disinfection and Biosecurity - Spanish Version of 15P

Tape #19P 13:00 minutes
Flock Health Management - Spanish Version of 14P

Original Training Tapes
The following tapes were made from live presentations at the training sessions for the California Egg Quality Assurance
Program. Editing was very light. They often contain more detailed information than the previously listed tapes that were professionally produced, however, tape quality is not as good. These tapes either depict the speaker and/or slides and overheads.  Information in tapes has not been updated to reflect changes in the program.

Developing Quality Assurance Plans

Tape #1 50 minutes
Developing a Quality Assurance Plan - Mark Oldenkamp, Rainbow Farms, Turlock, CA; Dr. Larry Barrett, Director, State Veterinary Section, California Department of Health Services; Dr. Richard Breitmeyer, Director of Animal Industry, California Department of Food and Agriculture; Dr. Bill Utterback, Veterinarian in Charge, USDA, APHIS.

Tape #2 48 minutes
CEQAP Training Procedures - Dr. Ralph Ernst, Extension Poultry Specialist; U.C. Davis.

Applying HACCP Principles to Egg Production - Dr. George B. West, Veterinarian in Charge, Avian Programs, Animal Health Branch, California Department of Food and Agriculture.

Developing Quality Assurance Plans - Dr. Ralph Ernst

Tape #3 36 minutes
Pointers on Flock Plans - Dr. Robert Tarbell, Staff Veterinarian, Animal Health Branch, CDFA

Review and Approval of CEQAP Flock Plans - Dr. K.L. Thomazin, Chief, Animal Health Branch, CDFA


Tape #4A 53 minutes
Core Components - Egg Processing - Don Bell, Extension Poultry Specialist, U.C. Riverside

History of USDA, Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) - Don Dixon, Federal-State Supervisor, USDA, AMS, Poultry Division, Grading Branch, Modesto

Minimum Facility and Operating Requirements for Shell Egg Grading Plants - Don Dixon

Egg Formation, Composition, Characteristics and Quality - Don Bell

Tape #4B 39 minutes
Monitoring Plant and Equipment Operation and Record Verification - Don Dixon

Measuring Egg Quality - Don Bell

Egg Washing and Egg Room Management - Don Bell

Tape #5A 59 minutes
Chemical Use in Shell Egg Processing Plants - Don Dixon

General Comments on Egg Processing - Don Bell

Controlling Microbial Problems in Eggs - Dr. Gideon Zeidler, Extension Food Scientist, U.C. Riverside

Tape #5B 32 minutes
Cleaning Egg Processing PlantsDavid May, Rainbow Farms, Turlock, CA; Kelly Luth, Gemperle Enterprises, Turlock, CA


Tape #6 64 minutes
Poultry Disease Basics - Dr. Art Bickford, Director, California Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, Turlock

Managing Flock Health - Dr. Gregg Cutler, Consulting Veterinarian, Moorpark, CA

Tape #7 42 minutes
Role of the Diagnostic Laboratory in Flock Health Monitoring - Dr. Art Bickford

Poultry Disease Monitoring Programs - Dr. Gregg Cutler


Tape #8 49 minutes
Cleaning and Disinfection of Poultry Houses and Equipment - Dr. Pat Wakenell, Assistant Professor, Department of Population, Health and Reproduction, School of Veterinary Medicine, U.C. Davis.

Tape #9 54 minutes
Biosecurity - Dr. Pat Wakenell

Pointers on Flock Plans - Dr. Robert Tarbell, CDFA

Environmental Sampling - Dr. Cyrus Danaye-Elmi, Staff Veterinarian, USDA, APHIS, Veterinary Service, Fresno, CA


Tape #10A 59 minutes
Invertebrate Pest Management - Dr. Nancy Hinkle, Extension Veterinary Entomologist, U.C. Riverside

Rodent Control - Rex Baker, Consultant/Professor, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

Tape #10B 53 minutes
Rodent Control (continued) - Rex Baker

Tape #11A 62 minutes
Rodent Control (continued) - Rex Baker

Tape #11B 21 minutes
Rodent Control (continued) - Rex Baker



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