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Hog Barn Move
(Sunday, January 25, 2004 )

Dr. Fred Conte captured on digital camera today's move of the Pig Barn from the site where it's sat for more than 80 years to its new site near the Silo. Fred's photos  will stir various emotions in anyone familiar with the Pig Barn and its long history dating from early days of the campus.

Representatives from the future occupants watched and recorded the move, and the campus had on hand a professional photographer. But individual photos won't provide the same sense of the move as the sequence of photos recording the move from beginning to end.

Thanks to Fred for taking several hours of his Saturday morning to record the entire process.

Photo Album

Click on the picture to view the photo album

Photo Album

Right click on the picture and choose the "Save Target..." option to download the PowerPoint slides onto your computer. (The file contains 118 slides, so It may take  few minutes)


Hog Barn Movie


This 17-minute movie is produced by the University of California at Davis. It tells the story and history of the hog barn before its move.




To view the movie click here . To get a free copy of Windows Media Player 9 Series. click on the following button.
Windows Media Home


  To download the movies, follow these instructions
  1. Right click on HistoricHogBarn_2.wmv . A menu appears.
  2. Choose the "Save Target As..." option. A dialog box appears.
  3. Navigate this dialog box and save the movie file onto your computer
  4. The file is about 101 MB, so it may take few minutes to download.
  5. Double click on the downloaded file. The Windows Media Player appears.
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