GENES IN POPULATIONS version 2.0 Free Program

This computer program takes raw codominant genotypic data and calculates allele frequencies, fit to Hardy-Weinberg proportions, observed and expected heterozygosities, Fst, genetic distance values as per Nei and Rogers, and clustering of distance values by UPGMA and Pool-cluster. Simulated populations can also be generated. Populations can be pooled or excluded, alleles can be pooled, and loci can be excluded from a data set prior to analysis. Two forms of the program are available - gene2-1.exe has maximums of 35 populations, 80 loci, and 61 alleles per locus while gene2-2.exe has respective maximums of 80 populations, 120 loci, and 9 alleles per locus.


To download a free copy of the program (290 KB)  click here.


The program files are provided in a compressed state in the GENE.EXE file. This executable file decompresses the files for this program:

  1. Create a temporary directory on your hard drive named TEMP.
  2. Download the GENE.EXE file and save it in the new TEMP directory.
  3. From Windows File Manager, change directory to the TEMP directory.
  4. Double click on the GENE.EXE file. This decompresses the files into the C:\GENE directory.
  5. The program and users manual are now installed on your system.


  1. From Windows File Manager, change directory to the GENE directory.
  2. Double click on the GENE2-1.EXE or GENE2-2.EXE file.
  3. The program is now up and running.