Rainfall Processing Program (RPP) 

The Rainfall Processing Program (RPP) is a program to process rainfall data files. It consists of four modules: Dup, Rev, Sum, and Tip. 

  • The Dup module removes the duplicate entries from a rainfall data file.

  • The Rev module reverses the sorting order of a rainfall data file from ascending (A to Z) to descending (Z to A) and vise versa.

  • The Sum module converts an hourly rainfall data file into the cumulative tip format.

  • The Tip module converts a cumulative or non-cumulative tip file into the hourly format. It also calculates 24-240 hour running cumulative rainfalls.

The RPP program is written in C++ programming language and runs under Windows operating system. The RPP program supports the American and European date formats (MM/DD/YYYY and DD/MM/YYYY) and the English and the Metric systems (Inch and Millimeter).

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