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Berger, Trish - Professor

Blatchford, Richard - Assistant Poultry Extension Specialist

Bunn, David - Assistant Adjunct Professor

Conte, Fred S. - Extension Specialist: Aquaculture; Lecturer

Delany, Mary E. - Professor and Associate Dean in CA&ES; Fiddyment Endowed Chair 

DePeters, Edward J. - Professor

Eadie, John M.- Professor

Fadel, James G. - Professor

Famula, Thomas R. - Professor

Hess, Matthias - Assistant Professor, Wiley Research Fellow

Hovey, Russ, Professor

Hull, Joshua - Assistant Adjunct Professor

Hung, Silas S.O. - Professor

Peng Ji - Assistant Adjunct Professor

Kebreab, Ermias - Professor and Sesnon Endowed Chair, Deputy Director – Agricultural Sustainability Institute

King, Annie J. - Professor

Klasing, Kirk C. - Professor

Kueltz, Dietmar - Professor

Liu, Yanhong - Assistant Professor

Maga, Elizabeth - Adjunct Professor

Makagon, Maja M. - Assistant Professor 


May, Bernie - Research Professor; Director, Genomic Variation Laboratory   

Medrano, Juan F. - Professor

Mench, Joy A. - Professor and Vice Chair

Meyer, Deanne - Extension Specialist: Livestock Waste Management; Lecturer

Mienaltowski, Michael - Assistant Professor

Miller, Michael Ryan - Assistant Professor

Mitloehner, Frank M.- Professor and Air Quality Extension Specialist

Murray, James D. - Professor

Oberbauer, Anita M. - Professor and Chair

Oltjen, James W. - Extension Specialist: Animal Management Systems; Lecturer

Pettey, Lee Allen - Lecturer (PSOE), Director of Animal Science Curriculum Development/Assessment

Robinson, Peter H. - Extension Specialist: Dairy Nutrition and Management

Ross, Pablo J. - Assistant Professor

Sainz, Roberto D. - Professor

Todgham , Anne E. - Assistant Professor

Tucker, Cassandra  - Associate Professor

Van Eenennaam, Alison L. - Extension Specialist: Animal Genomics and Biotechnology

Watters, Jason V. - Associate Adjunct Professor

Van Liew, Dana - Lecturer, Coach, Livestock Judging Team

Zhou , Huaijun - Associate Professor and Chancellor's Fellow 

Zinn, Richard A. - Professor (Desert Research and Extension Center)


Adams, Thomas E. - Professor Emeritus

Anderson, Gary B. - Distinguished Professor Emeritus; Chair, Animal Science Department (1998-2005)

Abbott, Ursula - Professor Emeritus; Chair, Avian Sciences Department (1981 - 1984)

Abplanalp, Hans - Professor Emeritus: Chair, Avian Sciences Department (1989-1991)

Bell, Donald D. - Extension Specialist Emeritus: Poultry

Berry, Steven L. - Extension Specialist Emeritus: Dairy Management and Health

Bradley, Francine A.- Extension Poultry Specialist Emeritus: Poultry

Calvert, C. Christopher - Professor Emeritus

Chang, Ernest S  - Professor Emeritus

Conklin, Douglas E. - Professor Emeritus

Doroshov, Serge I. - Professor Emeritus

Ernst, Ralph A.- Extension Specialist Emeritus: Poultry

Gall, Graham A.E.- Professor Emeritus

Garrett, William N. - Professor Emeritus ; Chair, Animal Science Department (1987-1990); President ASAS (1983-1984)

Hedrick, Jerry L. - Research Professor of Biochemistry Emeritus

Lee, Yu Bang - Professor Emeritus

May, Bernie - Adjunct Professor Emeritus  

Millam, James R. - Professor Emeritus

Price, Edward O. - Professor Emeritus ; Chair, Animal Science Department (1992-1998)

Radke, Kathryn - Professor Emeritus

Roser, Janet F. - Professor Emeritus

Weathers, Wesley W. - Professor Emeritus

Voris, John C. - Extension Specialist: Poultry Emeritus

Zeidler, Gideon - Zeidler, Gideon Associate Extension Specialist Emeritus: Poultry (UC Riverside)

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