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Huaijun Zhou

Huajun Zhou Huaijun Zhou, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Chancellor's Fellow

Phone: 530-752-1034
Fax: (530) 752-0175


Ph.D., Immunogenetics and Molecular Genetics Iowa State University 2002
M.S., Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, Iowa State University, 2003
M.S., Animal Breeding and Genetics, Yangzhou University 1991
B.S., Animal Science, Yangzhou University,1988

Honors and Awards

  • 2014 - Chancellorís Fellow
  • 2013 - The American Association of Immunologists Early Career Faculty Travel Award
  • 2011 - PSA Early Achievement Award for Research
  • 2010 - Hy-Line International Research Award
  •  2009 - Big 12 Faculty Fellowship
  •  2009 - Outstanding Overseas Young Investigator Award, NSF China
  • 2004 - Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) Fellowship
  • 2002 - Research Excellence Award, Iowa State University    

Research Projects

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Research Interests

Research in immunogenetics, molecular genetics, functional genomics, and bioinformatics in poultry. My group is focused on elucidating the molecular and cellular mechanisms of host-pathogen interaction including disease resistance, immune response, and pathogenesis of infection. The overall goals are to understand genetic regulation of host response and basic mechanisms of pathogen virulence in animals, to identify host and pathogen genes that are involved in the host-pathogen interplay. The pathogens of interest are food-borne bacteria such as Newcastle disease virus, avian influenza virus, Salmonella and Campylobacter.

Another area of my research is to functionally annotate regulatory elements of livestock species by integrating RNA-seq, ChIP-seq, and DNase-seq across different tissues.

Graduate Groups