Adobe Connect

We use the Adobe Connect system to record lectures. The system generates Flash audio/video files, which are hosted on the Adobe servers. A link to these files can be placed on the course web site. To watch an overview of Adobe Connect, visit:
Adobe Connect Professional and Presenter Demonstration (running time 3m 26s)

Adobe Connect Account

The Adobe Connect Pro is available for a fee to UC Davis faculty and staff. To get a UC Davis Adobe Connect account, visit:
UC Davis Adobe Connect Web Site

The Adobe Connect Pro is available free of charge to ANR faculty and staff. To get a ANR Adobe Connect account, contact:

Alex Zangeneh-Azam
Communication Services and Information Technology
Phone: (530) 754-3926

Internet Connection

Minimum bandwidth requirement is 56 kb/sec. This type of modem connection is very slow and your participation in an online meeting will lag behind by several seconds or more. For a more satisfying experience, a broadband connection is best. Wired is better than wireless in most cases.

Registering Your Laptop

Wired connections such as in the dorms and classrooms on campus require registration of your computer's MAC address. Locate your MAC address and then use this option to register by visiting the UC Davis Computing Account Services at:
Once there, click the "Ethernet registration" link at the top right corner of he screen and then follow the instructions.

Technical Specifications

Adobe provides the hardware and software requirements for your computer to use Connect at this site: Adobe Connect Pro 8 system requirements You can test your computer at
to make sure that your it is set up to run Adobe Connect.  This test will also tell you your Internet connection speed.

Flash Player

You will need at least version 9 of Flash Player. Adobe Flash Player is standard in most browsers. You can find out which version of Flash Player you have at the Adobe Flash website:

Adobe Connect Add-In

The Adobe Connect Add-In allows you to share your screen and upload files to meetings. This add-in needs to be installed the first time you share something in a meeting. The system will prompt you. The add-in is so small it does not require admin rights for installation. Do not manually install the add-in in advance. Let the system detect its need and install it for you. This only needs to be done once for each computer you use for Adobe Connect.

Web Browser

Google Chrome, MS Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari are compatible with Adobe Connect.  See Technical Specifications above for more detail

Live Broadcast

The Adobe Connect also allows you to broadcast your lectures, seminars, workshops, or training session live. The online audience can use a web browser to "attend" your lectures. They can "raise" their hands and ask questions and to participate in the class discussion via their web browser and microphone.


The Adobe Connect system can be used in two configurations:

1 ) Simple  - In this configuration, the instructor presents his or her lecture in the classroom and the Adobe Connect system records the PowerPoint presentation plus the instructor voice. The students can access the recorded lectures online. You need a good microphone to pickup the instructor voice in the classroom.

We recommend "Acoustic Magic Voice Tracker II Array Microphone " from B&H for about $330. It can be connected to your laptop by a USB cable and it is Mac & Windows compatible.

Voice Tracker II

If you move round a lot when lecturing, you need a wireless lapel microphone. We recommend Shure PG Series Wireless Lavalier Microphone System from B&H for about $300.
Shure Wireless Lapel

To connect the Shure wireless system to your computer you need Shure X2u - XLR to USB Microphone Signal Adapter (Mfr# X2U) from B&H for about $100.

The following lecture (ABG250 on 1/18/2012) is an example of the simple configuration with a document camera connected as a digital whiteboard:
adobe connect first configuration  

2 ) Advanced - In this configuration, the instructor presents his or her lecture in the classroom and the Adobe Connect system records the PowerPoint presentation plus the instructor voice, as well as the instructor video. The students can access the recorded lectures online.

You need a Sony camcorder, a  wireless microphone. a tripod, and the Roxio Video Capture USB device. It costs about $700 - $1,100. 

We recommend the following equipments for this configuration:.

Sony DCR-SR100 Handyman Camcorder
Sony DCR-SR100 Handyman Camcorder:

wireless Microphone
Sony ECM-HW1 Wireless Microphone

Sony VCT-870RM Remote Control Tripod
Roxio Easy VHS to DVD convertor to connect the camcorder to the computer.

The following seminar is an example of the advanced configuration:

adobe connect second config

IT Support

We provide training and support for Animal Science faculty. Contact Abbas Ahmadi at for more information.


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