icon pdf Instructions - Free 50 GB Box Cloud Storage.pdf 


A. Sign up for Box

All UC Davis faculty, students, and staff now have access to a 50 GB free account on You must have an email which ends with ""

You can sign up here:
Please Do not use your departmental user name and password to sign up. Instead, use your campus user name and passphrase, the ones you use for MyTravel.

You can find more information on this service here:       

B. Install Box Sync

  1. Point your web browser to:
  2. Logon using your Campus user name and passphrase. The Welcome page Appears:

  3. Click on the "Download Box Sync" button.
  4.  Open the installer that is in your download folder.
  5. Follow the step by step instructions in the installer.
  6. You need to have Admin privilege to be able to install new software programs.

C. Start Syncing

  1. Navigate to "My Documents" folder and from there to "My Box File" folder:

  2. Drag and drop any file or folder you want to sync in the "My Box File" folder
  3. Click Start -> All Programs -> Box Sync -> Box Sync
    The Box Sync program appears:

  4. Enter your email, check the box for Use my company's sign-on credentials and click Submit button. The UCD Secure Log-on screen appears:

  5. Use your Campus user name and Campus passphrase to log on. The Box Sync program appears:

    sync sync
  6. Click on the "Start Sync" button to sync your files from ...\My Documents\My Box Files\ folder and your cloud storage on the Box server.
  7. Click on the "Go to Box" icon on the top right corner of the dialog box to go to the Box Cloud Storage Server .