Help: Department Poster Printer

Tired of transporting poster tubes to and from scientific meetings?  We have a solution - foldable fabric posters are here!

Our foldable fabric is a synthetic polyester.  Unlike paper, it is waterproof and does not wrinkle or crease when loosely folded.  To be clear, our foldable fabric is not a natural fiber such as cotton broadcloth or canvas; it is a plastic-based material that feels like a plastic/paper hybrid (slightly less flexible than canvas, but more flexible than paper).

If you loosely fold your poster and put it inside of a small box in your luggage, you can avoid hard creases being pressed into the poster during travel. If your poster gets creased during travel, you should loosely roll your poster at an angle and leave it rolled up for a few hours or overnight if possible (this should stretch out any horizontal or vertical creases that resulted from folding the poster and pressing it too tight).

Once you arrive at your destination your poster can also be ironed on very low heat from the back of the poster (test a corner with the iron first).  Please note that if you put a hot iron on this material, it will behave like the plastic it is and melt.  If hard creases are not pressed into the poster during transport, ironing will not be necessary.

See our Foldable Fabric Poster Information sheet for more tips for handling this material.

Our foldable fabric meets the #1 PETE recyclable requirements making it 100% recyclable. To recycle your poster or poster bag, please drop them off at one of the below IT offices (if no one is in the office, just leave your materials outside the door):

  • 1st Floor Poster Recycle Locations: 1259 Meyer
  • 3rd Floor Poster Recycle Locations: 3111, 3113 Meyer

How to Get Your Poster Printed

To submit a request to print a poster please email with the following information:

  • Date/time when you will need your poster (email your poster file in PDF format 2 days in advance of that date/time).
  • UC Davis Account # to charge
  • Name of faculty member you work for (assuming you are not a faculty member)
  • Indicate if you want your poster printed on foldable fabric using the new cluster printer or on paper using one of the old departmental printers. If you do not indicate preference for paper or foldable fabric, we will print your poster on foldable fabric.

Please make sure that one side of your poster is no more than 42" (this is the width of the medial roll).  It is recommended that new users review our Poster Printing Tips document before submitting posters for printing. 

Policy and Procedures for Food Chain Poster Printing Services:

  • Only posters pertinent to the mission of the academic departments supported by the Food Chain Cluster (Animal Science and Nutrition) will be printed.  Posters for personal use or for other departments may not be printed on the printer.
  • Unless the error is ours, there will be a full charge for reprinting so please be sure to review your poster carefully before submitting it to be printed.
  • Posters can be paid for with a UCD Account # or personal check to UC Regents.  The Account # or check must be submitted prior to printing.

Printing Costs Printing

Costs Low/Moderate Ink Coverage

  • Posters $10 per linear foot ($40 for 4' x 3.5')
  • This rate applies to most standard scientific posters with charts, graphics, and text on a white background.
  • Examples

High/Full Ink Coverage Posters

  • $15 per linear foot ($60 for 4' x 3.5')
  • This rate applies to posters with high or full-coverage backgrounds and full-coverage photographs.
  • Examples

Because of the difference in cost for ink, we have two rates for printing - one for low/moderate coverage posters and the other for full/high coverage posters. 

The IT staff member who prints your poster will determine which category your poster falls in by visually examining the poster.  If there is uncertainty about the category, the lower rate will be used.  Note that “per linear foot” refers to 12 inches of a 42” roll of the foldable media.  Final charges are calculated by a formula that uses the exact linear inches printed so that users will not be overcharged.

Poster Design Tips and Foldable Fabric Info

Below are tips for creating your poster in PowerPoint as well as general tips about how to go about creating a scientific poster.  Additionally, we provide important information about our foldable fabric.

Poster Templates

Users are encouraged to create their own poster files on a new document in PowerPoint or application of their choice and let the content guide the layout. If you work for a faculty member, it is recommended that you check with your supervisor before using any outside poster templates (faculty members may have their own lab poster templates they want their lab members to use).  For additional assistance, we provide a basic PowerPoint template below with the UC Davis wordmark logo for each department.


For questions or support, please contact or you may contact one of the below Food Chain IT staff members directly: