New Campus Phone System

Campus will switch to 7-digit dialing on Dec. 22 , 2014. The way you make a phone call from a campus phone will change a little, starting on Monday, Dec. 22, 2014.  Beginning that day:

  • If you're calling a campus phone number, you will need to dial the full 7 digits. Five-digit dialing will no longer work. To make the call, just add "75" to the front of the 5-digit campus number you want to reach.
  • To reach an off-campus number, you will no longer dial "9" (for calls inside the 530 area code) or "91" (for calls outside the 530 area code). You'll just dial the 7- or 10-digit off-campus number directly, like you would now on a cellphone.

One caution: If you use auto-dial programs that use the 5-digit numbers, or that use the "91" or "9" for off-campus access, then you will need to update the programs to accommodate the new procedure. Auto-dial numbers can be found in FAX machines, alarms, modems, and similar equipment.

Communications Resources, part of Information and Educational Technology, is making this change to prepare for two other changes coming in 2015. The first, early in the year, will be a change to the campus voicemail service. Next will come the switch to a Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) system, where phone calls travel over the data network instead of the traditional phone network. IET will post more information about those changes next year. Read more at

  •  Voicemail and Call Forwarding: Communications Resources will automatically change all call forward programming to a 7-digit number so that call forwarding will operate correctly after the dial plan change. Customers will NOT be required to make any changes to existing phone lines. As you know, your phones forward after a few rings or when you are on a call--- to voicemail (if you subscribe) or to wherever you program your phone to take the call. The features involved are Call Forward No Answer (CFN), Call Forward Busy (CFB), and Call Forward Universal (CFU). WE HAVE THIS COVERED.
  • Transfer, Call Park & use of features: Processing a call transfer, which is the most used feature on the voice system, will require inputting a 7-digit number starting on December 22nd. Parking a call on a phone number will require inputting the full 7 digit number into the system. Any time you interact with the phone system and it requires a telephone number, all 7 digits will be required.
  •  Dialing “0” for Operator: You will no longer need special dialing instructions to find an outside operator. On December 22nd, when you punch “0” for the operator you will be greeted with a menu which will offer you the option to continue to the campus operator or to select the AT&T operator.
  • Alarms: Communications Resources has been in contact with the Alarm Shop in Facilities to coordinate the transition of Fire, Security, and Environmental alarms. Alarms on dedicated phone lines, including Fire Alarms, have been addressed. Some security and environmental alarms share a line with a desk telephone and cannot be converted in advance. These alarms will be addressed by the Alarm shop after the migration on December 22nd.
  • FAX Machines: Many of you have programmed numbers in your FAX machines or auto dialers for calling campus and off-campus numbers. Those programmed keys will have to be redone in order for them to operate correctly beginning December 22nd.
  •  Credit Card Readers/Terminals: Communications Resources has been in contact with the Accounting office regarding the transition of dial-up credit card transaction terminals. The Accounting Office will be sending out instructions on how to reprogram your terminals with the banking vendor and our office. Look for the notice in the next few days. Our goal is to work with departments to transition these terminals before December 22nd.
  •  Check the FAQ: The campus will be constantly updating their FAQ website at throughout the next couple of weeks. Please check this site on a regular basis for additional information.