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Welcome, to the Trace Minerals for California Beef Cattle homepage.  

      This homepage was designed to access California trace mineral  information.  Information on local or statewide mineral status is now just a mouse click away.  This information is possible due to the Cooperative Extension system, county Livestock Farm Advisors, Specialists, the Renewable Resources Extension Act (RREA), and staff.  Feel free to contact us (Drake, Oltjen, Maas, and Smith) if you have any questions or comments  on the website, its information or its references.


Instructions:  Use this website to learn more about beef cattle trace  mineral nutrition in California.  To learn more general information on  the trace minerals Selenium, Copper, Zinc, and Phosphorous and their role in beef cattle health, click on the mineral names in the left hand toolbar.  To learn more on county-specific information simply click on a county on the California map below or choose a county from the California county list, also located in the toolbar on the left.


Directions:  Click on a county for more mineral information on that specific county.   Or refer to the California county list.


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