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Xuezhen Zhang

  Xuezhen Zhang, Ph.D.
Visiting Scholar
Sponsor: Dietmar Kueltz
Start Date: 28 Feb 2012
End Date: 28 Feb 2013

Department of Animal Science
One Shields Avenue
University of California
Davis, CA 95616 USA

Phone: (530) 574-0294
Email: XzhZhang@ucdavis.edu


Ph.D., Aquatic Toxicology, Fisheries College, Huazhong Agricultural University, 2008
M.S., Aquaculture, Fisheries College, Huazhong Agricultural University, 2003
B.S., Aquaculture, Fisheries Colleges, Huazhong Agricultural University, 1999


My research interests are mainly focused on: 1) Environmental biology of fishes: in particular research into the effects of organic and chemical compounds (such as algae toxins, heavy metals and pesticides) and natural environmental factors (such as photoperiod and temperature) on fish; 2) Aquatic food quality and safety: including toxins determination, muscle nutrition composition and odorous materials analysis; 3) Aquatic toxicology, mechanism of toxicities of some water pollutants.

Current Postion

Associate Professor at Hua Zhong University in China.

Curriculum Vita