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Andrea M. Schreier

Andrea Schreier Photo Andrea M. Schreier, Ph.D.
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Department of Animal Science
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Phone: (530) 752-0664
Email: amdrauch@ucdavis.edu
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Ph.D., Ecology, University of California Davis, 2012
M.S. , Wildlife Genetics, Purdue University, 2006
B.S. , Biology (Chemistry Minor), Hillsdale College, 2003


I use molecular markers to answer questions about the ecology and evolution of sturgeons, an ancient lineage of polyploid, long-lived, late-maturing fishes. Sturgeon are some of the world's most endangered fishes due to a life history that makes them particularly vulnerable to anthropogenic threats such as impoundments (dams), pollution, and overfishing for their pricey caviar. One of my goals is to apply my research findings to further the conservation and effective management of these unique and valuable species.

I am also interested in the dynamics of polyploidy in animal taxa. What causes autopolyploidy in animals? What happens to a species' genome after a polyploid event? In other words, how are polyploid genomes shaped by evolutionary forces? I would like to use the sturgeon lineage (Acipenseriformes) to address some of these questions.

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