Class Web Sites
Fall Quarter
ABI102 Animal Biochemistry and Metabolism Calvert
ANG107 Genetics and Animal Breeding Medrano
ANS1 Domestic Animals and People Famula
ANS41 Domestic Animal Production Mitloehner
ANS115 Advanced Horse Production Roser
ANS136 Fish Culture Techniques Hung
ANS140 Management of Laboratory Animals Weisker
HNR90X Davis Honors Challenge Famula
Winter Quarter
ABG 290 Graduate Seminar Faculty
ABI103 Animal Biochemistry and Metabolism Calvert
ANS15 Introductory Horse Husbandry Roser
GGG201D Quantitative and Population Genetics Famula
NUT115 Animal Feeds and Nutrition DePeters
Spring Quarter
ABG290-Hung Graduate Seminar Hung
ANG105 Horse Genetics Famula
ANS 137 Techniques and Practices of Avian Culture  
ANS127 Advanced Equine Reproduction Roser
ANS144 Beef and Sheep Production Faculty