How to Apply for Admission

Graduate students mentored by Animal Science faculty earn degrees in disciplines, i.e., graduate groups, not a Ph.D. in Animal Science. The application process for admission and support for graduate students who are applying to work with Animal Science Department faculty is as follows:

1. Apply to Graduate Studies for admission to the Graduate Division. (Forms are available here external link icon). The application for admission may be sent electronically or returned by mail to the administrative office of the particular graduate group to which you are applying (along with the $60 application fee.)

2. Apply to the appropriate Graduate Group as well - the graduate program that has the course of study you would like to follow and in which your prospective major professor is a faculty member. Contact the Graduate Group administrative office for their application procedures. Web addresses can be located here.

3. Apply for fellowships and scholarships by sending the Internal Fellowship Application for New Students to your chosen Graduate Group administrative office by January 15.


4. File a FAFSA (available at external link icon) by March 1.


5. Contact your prospective major professor for possibilities of a research assistantship from one of his/her research grants.


6. Apply for teaching or research assistantships in the department by mailing an Application for Animal Science Teaching  Assistantships by March 1 to the Animal Science Department (available here external link icon). (This requires copies of transcripts and letters of recommendation). Confidential letters sent by the evaluator are preferred but these may be copies of letters sent for admission purposes. These should be sent to:


Graduate Program Assistant

Animal Science Advising Center
1202B Meyer Hall, UC Davis
One Shields Avenue
Davis, CA 95616